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Blue Mountains
Blue Mountains


Do you feel stuck?

I would be glad to join you in your quest to:

  • wake up out of the darkness of depression
  • develop tools for managing anxiety and stress
  • better deal with difficult feelings
  • break out of unhealthy relationship patterns
  • cultivate compassion for yourself and others
  • be more mindfiully present and alive in your life
  • move toward becoming the person you want to become
There are times in our life when we all feel stuck, and we don't know how to get moving again.  Sometimes an old emotional wound needs mending before we can be on our way.  Sometimes it's a more recent blow such as a death, a divorce, or a job loss.  It may be that we have suffered a trauma that needs to be worked through.  Or repetitive relationship patterns keep us from enjoying healthy relationships.  Whatever it is, we sense a need to address our problems and work toward resolving these feelings and thoughts that are holding us back.

My life is devoted to joining with people on their individual journey toward healing, wholeness, and self-discovery.  I invite you to meet with me to see if we can work together to get you on your way.  Your first session is a free consultation where you get to know me, find out more about therapy, and ask questions.  I am eager to meet with you.


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